Love Spell Review | Return Lost Lover

I did the Isis Spell to Return a lost lover and the Power Ritual Combo love spell to get M. back. First I did the Isis spell, boy was I worried that I thought she didn't cast the spell on my behalf but just gave me an attraction spell, i thought this is not what i ordered??? I had guys following me around like crazy, guys buying me flowers, guys taking me out to parties, dinners you name it! So I emailed Aisha Haadi and asked her if she casted the spell on M. I could care less about other guys hitting on me I just wanted one guy, no one else. She told me not to worry, its the fetish that carries the attraction powers, and just to have fun with it while I wait, she was right. I did have fun with it just to keep my mind off things and let the white magic work. I used it as a benefit to have fun go out and make up for the depression I went through. Now I'm not depressed, also thanks to Aisha Haadi, I was happy, then about 3-4 weeks no sign of M. so I gave up on the Isis spell and ordered the Power Ritual Combo. IT IS VERY POWERFUL!!!

When I got my fetish for the PRC Return a lost lover Spell, I attracted more guys and guys wanting to go out with me and be in relationships. I'm talking a whole load of guys, I felt positive because I figured if this didn't work out I had guys following me anyhow and just use that as a benefit because M. was so stubborn!!! Well I was just going into my second week I left my cell phone in the car, which is odd I never do when I'm at work, and guess who calls??? It was M.!!! My thoughts were AISHA HAADI!!! I wasn't thinking about how I should call him and thinking about him... I was mainly thinking about Aisha Haadi!!! This wouldn't have happened without her!!! What was even weirder was that the Isis Spell did work!!! Because during that time frame when I was waiting for the magic of the Isis Spell to kick in he wanted to call but was scared that I would reject him or something, but i had a good call to do the Power Combo Ritual. Basically the Isis Spell worked and I probably would’ve gotten my results with it sooner or later but if you want faster results I highly recommend the Power combo... He also said that "there has not been one day I didn't think about you", "I miss you" oh by the way he left me for some other chick. But now she is out of the picture, so if you are thinking about doing a spell and are a skeptic because you've been through a lot of witches and what not with Aisha Haadi DO IT!!! She is not fake she's not one that is money hungry like other spiritualists and psychics etc. like she says what goes around will come around, and I hope those people taking money from people for granted do know that.

When Aisha says she's here for you, she really is, just don't annoy her =) like I did by emailing her every hour of the day worrying about every little thing, flooding her email...but even if you do she has patience she is like a mom. I still have one more week to go till I finish the return a lost lover spell or whatever you call it, but bottom line I am happy and you will be, too. Also when Aisha Haadi says you will get what you asked for, YOU WILL GET WHAT YOU ASKED FOR!!!

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