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Review for White Magic Love Spells

This has been one of the most greatest experiences that wonderful lives are made of! Aisha has been there for me since day one of me contacting her. I have had a very difficult time trying to make my lover be true to me, but Aisha has fixed the puzzle to my love problem. I am truly astonished on how punctual Aisha is with her responses. She has grown on me like the hair on my head. She is better than a best friend, she is more like a sister and loving like a mother. I feel extremely comfortable towards her and I have no problem opening up to her. She has always encouraged me to keep my head up. I am absolutely blessed to build a friendship with Aisha. I call her Queen, because she has a very very very big heart and she is royalty in my eyes (I guarantee you will call her queen, too). If you are considering purchasing one of her white magic love spells, please, please, please I seriously urge you to order at once and diminish whatever your problem is. This is a truly authentic spell casting service that is more real than the sunshine (which I am now experiencing every time I wake up)
PS: Firstly, to my queen: I love you! Thank you mother/sister! And to you the reader: I urge you with all of my heart to gain what I have gained, 24h of sunshine! This is life! Please reincarnate your happiness.

Review of a Returning a Lost Lover Spell

I just want to let anyone know who is interested in white magic spells for retrieving a lost lover to definitely let Ms. Aisha handle it. I recently just lost my true love J. So I have purchased the Power Ritual Love Spell knowing that this will work. Ms. Aisha has been very comforting and has answered all my E-mails in a quick period of time. Even with all my negativity that I have. It is rough time for me but do know that if she is here for me than she will be there for you as well. I will keep you posted on the results.

Review of a White Magic Love Spell to Bring Back an Ex

Its been a while since I signed the guest book. Today is my birthday and I am reviewing my life. Aisha and her special loving presence has increased my happiness and peace. I am blessed. For all who don't know, Aisha Haadi has great integrity. She will do exactly what she says on her website. She will give you individual attention, she cares, she loves, she supports, even while she supports so many others, you will feel her presence in your life. I had the white magic spell to bring back an ex. I haven't received my talisman yet. I can not explain the significance the love spell has made in my life. My Beloved is focused on our relationship and has already acknowledged he is deeply committed to our togetherness. I am now trying to forgive him for the pain he caused me because he didn't have the clarity, he has now been given. Lucky for me, I made that apart of the love spell; that I love unconditionally. If, I didn't believe I could forgive him, I wouldn't complete this spell work because that would eventually continue the cycle of hurt and misery which neither of us deserve. We all Deserve Love and loving relationships. Aisha supports our sincerest desires. Aisha's support and loving energy humbles me and in her honor on my birthday, I take a moment of silence to remember her...Blessed Be. To All who know her and to All who come into her work, you are blessed. I hope that you experience all the love and peace that I know, now. I will Update my guestbook entry after my Beloved "completely" remembers our truth. It's happening so fast, I am amazed. Yes, this is the truth! B. USA

Review of a White Magic Spell to bring back a Lost Lover after a Break up

I completed the Power Ritual spell to bring back a lost lover last weekend. I did a previous note but there is so much to tell about the love spell and its effectiveness that it would be a missed opportunity not to share the truth. I live with a man but we live separate lives. I love him but he doesn't want commitment and dates any woman he can. I see God (Goodness) in him that is why I chose to believe that our love would survive. I am "slightly" sensitive/intuitive and during the Power Ritual love spell I felt an abundance of loving energy in our home. The air that surrounded me was very warm and humid especially at night. My room was at least 10 degrees warmer than the rest of the house. My son and my "husband to be" :-) noticed it. A few nights, in particular, it was very cool and rainy , I had my ceiling fan on and both windows open, but, my room was still warmer than the rest of the house. I was warm also. My feet and lower leg was so hot one evening it felt like was standing near a fireplace. And, my feet tingled, it was definitely otherworldly stuff, because there wasn't anything physically hurting. It felt spiritual!!! The experience I mention next, I also had when I did the white magic Spell. I had night sweats which were noticeable but, didn't soak me yet, once the spell was over, I was no longer affected. My child and my ex did not get along. My son didn't want to ever share me. Great tension existed between them. I did not share this with Aisha. But, my son told me that he woke up and his pillow was very wet. I said to myself, this is the Spell. None of us have issues that make us sweat, we are healthy. Most importantly, my child and my ex are now getting along very well. I didn't even tell her about this problem and it was resolved. My Beloved invited me out to lunch everyday this week. If you only knew how strange this is for him. Today, he acted as though he couldn't bare to leave my side and go back to work. He was patient and kind. He usually reserves lunch and dinner dates for all his many female conquest. He is not a horrible person, he is running from commitment, scared he might miss something, scared of change. He didn't factor in that he would meet someone who believed in him. Love is the strongest emotion. I will keep you informed to tell you about our wedding announcement. Bless Aisha Haadi and all the loving spirits that support love. Please note: each of us will have our own unique experience through the love spells, and it may not be the same as mine. I am thankful for experiencing the presence of Love during my spell work to return my lover. No one asked me to write this. It is important to share, I hope someone will read this and be comforted in knowing it is an opportunity to realize the pure Goodness that exist in the Universe. Its okay not to have all the answers, and we can get support from others. B, USA

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