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It was abundantly clear that this woman had some sort of spiritual connections or whatever you may call it. The white magic spell she cast for me did actually work...I did have doubts and was skeptical. I am a red blooded american who happens to be a scientist, my work thrives on facts. My problem was love related. Right after my wife and I had our second child, my wife lost interest in me, completely. She did not even allow me to touch her. She was repulsed by me and day by day, we grew apart and became total strangers to each other. we even started sleeping in separate rooms, this was killing me, it tore my heart apart. we saw a shrink twice a week but to no avail. She even asked me for divorce and told me to move keep this story short, my wife was not the problem. It was this evil coworker of mine who put a spell on me and my marriage...It is embarrassing, but I have to come clean with you all. I had a one night stand with S. my co-worker. I know, I did this to my self. I should have never cheated on my wife...I explained to this evil coworker that what we had meant nothing for I love my wife and I will never leave her for no one... she cried and told me that I will be sorry, and I will loose my wife whether I like it or not. She resigned and I have never seen her since...I truly hope that she will be punished for what she did to my marriage. There was this psychic who happened to be a member of my church, she did a reading and informed me of the spell that was put on me... I have stumbled on Aisha Haadi, I went for it and the rest was wife and I are back together and happily expecting another bundle of joy, it is gonna be a boy. My advise to all of you, don't cheat on your wives, girlfriends, husbands or boyfriends. IT IS NOT WORTH IT...AND AISHA IS THE ANSWER FOR THIS KIND of THINGS, YOU WILL GET GENUINE HELP.

Aisha Haadi brought him back with her Egyptian Love Spell

Hi again, request to all of you, there are things in life, that you don't have it in your hands, yes God gave us brain to think, but let me tell all of you something, will a car start without an engine? No, will the car start with an engine and a wheel? Yes, so imagine your heart is the engine, and your brain is the wheel, without these two you can't live, so will the car not go or start. What I really want to say to all of you, is this. If there is something that is not good in your life, and you want to do something about it, and your heart is 100% sure of it, then your brain consider to do what is best for your self..and don't forget, you all know what is good or wrong, so you know you will do something that is good, not only for your self but also for your friends and family....there are so many things that I wan't to say, you are not on this site because you want something for your self, you are on this egyptian spells site, because you need love in your life, that has to be filled with another person, or something else, like your career, and money. There is so much unfairness in this world, some people work 30 years in a company, and never get something in return, because they are racist, or don't like your color or what ever that it is that they won't give you, like a promotion for the 30 years you have worked there. SO I am glad there is something we all can to about that.. We have Aisha, the world needs her to do something like this. Don't forget that there always will be unfairness, in this world....I wish there wasn't but not God does this unfairness, no, the people themselves do it, this unfairness, hunger, suffer, everything that is bad. When I broke up with my ex, I was so devastated, and then I opened my hands and I prayed to God, please I beg you, hear me I said, I love him so much, so much, bring him back to me, then I found Aisha Haadi and she brought him back, So like I said, She is an Angel that fell from Heaven, God gave her to us, to help us. If your Heart is clean and it is like gold, God will help you on your way, to meet the right person. I really believe That Aisha is an Angel, she is not Human...really an Angel... Blessed be everybody

Empower yourself with Egyptian Love

One thing I have discovered is that if you really want something, then the irony is that you actually repel it. For example, you sometimes need to let love go in order for it to come back or alternatively find a better love that will ensure your spiritual growth. Nothing happens in nature without something better replacing it. If you stop hanging onto to something or someone you love; it doesn't mean that you don't love or care for that thing/person; on the contrary it shows that you respect it/them and therefore you allow space for yourself to grow and let better things into your life or even the thing/person that you once let go because you were able to see the 'the bigger picture'. By sending out love to those who have hurt you emotionally, you are empowering both yourself and the other person and you will find that your love you sent out and multiplied and returned to you. I have found that just by sending loving thoughts to people that you increase their desire to send loving thoughts back to you. The key message is however to let go of any negative emotions you have by imagining yourself sending them love. By doing this, you are expressing self-love which in turn will create space for others to love you too. Thanks for reading my entry.

Aisha's Egyptian Love Spells

If you consider purchasing one of Aisha's Egyptian love spells, I have to tell you-you won't regret it. I had the worst break-up with my boyfriend that you can think of, and everything seemed like there is no chance for us what so ever. I was devastated, I was in worst stage of depression that you can imagine. So what I did, I have tried all this white magic witchcraft stuff on the internet, I hired so many so called mediums, I spent thousand of dollars, only to be left even more heart broken than before. And then one day I found this egyptian witchcraft site from Aisha. I really think, even today that it was not an accident that I found her, it was that God saw my pain from the above and sent Aisha to me. I ordered the Egyptian love spell (PRC) from Aisha, and even before my Egyptian magic Talisman arrived I was for the first time in over a year felt that me and the love of my life will be together again. We are in contact for the first time in over a year, and even my wish did not completely came true, I have to tell you that every day I am getting stronger and stronger results, and the thing is he is the one who seems that wants to be in contact with me. It is hard to believe, because all this time he rejected every single attempt of mine. And I know, we will be together. So, if you believe in white magic, if you believe in supernatural stuff that could help you resolve your problems, I can tell you that you won't regret, if you ever take Aisha help in consideration. There is no words to express what Aisha and her Egyptian love spells did for me for such a small amount of money. I am sure that I will be always coming back to her. I love you Aisha with all my heart.

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