Magic Spells that work


Magic Spells that work

Today is the day I want to post my wonderful experience with this service. I guess my situation was very complicated. I found Aisha Haadi through a friend of mine who she had helped before but still I had no idea what to expect.

I have ordered a Power Ritual because my "loved one" is very stubborn and would easily fight the energies from the Isis Spell (thats what I thought). I had received my talisman 9 days after I had sent off my package to Aisha Haadi. It smelled very good.

I have not felt any energy nor warmth browsing through my body when I held the fetish and Aisha said not everyone can feel that, only those who are highly sensitive for the energies. So don't let this bother you if you don't feel it.

It was very difficult for me to stay positive and I suffered from depression at this point of the magic reuniting love spell. I emailed Aisha and she offered me a talisman for positive energies. It is not listed on the site but she prepared one for me. I recommend this talisman strongly to every one who has problems staying positive all the time.

On the Website it says that the Power Ritual will show results after 1-2 weeks. This is an approximate time frame. Most clients receive first results during that time and the final results are gradual. I have learned that it sometimes needs longer however the results then will appear sudden and not gradual.

Aisha explained this once and I would like to add this to the guestbook. Every case is different because every person is different, what makes sense. It's the same with aspirin. One person needs one pill another person needs 4 to get rid of a headache. I have received my first results after 4 weeks and 2 days, he called me and we came back together shortly after that. My final results (proposal) another 4 weeks.

I understand that this entire process is a very difficult task for each of us. You always have to keep in mind that you have find finally someone who will help you and will solve your problem.

If it needs one month, two, or three... I think it doesn't really matter, the important thing is that it will work.

When I read this guestbook entries I was more depressed than before because people received their results so very fast and at this point I did not even realize that I had received already my first results. If you feel the same, don't be depressed because you too will receive results. Your case is just different and more complex. If it is a love related problem you loved one might fight the energies. Maybe the fetish touched metal or water without you even noticing. There are many reasons, but one thing I know for sure.... you will receive results.
I can't discuss my situation in detail due to several reasons. I am telling you, I never thought that my case would be solved. To cut it short; I have received my results, and so will you!

Supreme Magic Spells that are real

Day 4 of my Power Ritual Combo. Everytime I feel throbbing pain in my soul, this pain evaporates slightly easier than before. There have been alot of panicking, painful, and disappointing happenings in our relationship nowadays. But Aisha remains confident as she was in the beginning. She said "don't worry about that, it really does not matter, you will see. I am here for you". I feel reassured of my position now (again).
I know I'm very irritatingly annoying at such time. Pain, anger, sadness, panic, anxiety, and excitement, all mixed together. I'm still unable to sleep well these few months. But the pain, anger, and hatred slowly evaporates. Sometimes I even forgot about the anger/hatred. This helps alot.
I'm still trying to stay calm. Reading about Goddess Isis really helps alot. The more I read about her, the more I feel her wisdom, love, warmth, and loyalty. It makes me believe that she and her supreme magic was real. The library books here are kinda helpful, unfortunately books about magic, spells, rituals, witchcraft, and the best book about Isis&Osiris are not open to public.

Results with Magic Spells

To those who need encouragement and more faith to what you are doing here, instead of listening to "The End of The World" song, try R Kelly's "I believe I can Fly", or Garth Brook's "How You Ever Gonna Know". It helps me. Hope it can spread more encouragement/heal the faith to you too.

To those who is waiting for a result from a magic spell, or hesitate to try any magic, don't waste your time feeling sorry for yourself. Instead, you can try reading more about Egyptian Magic or Egyptian Gods/Goddesses to enrich your own knowledge. It can be useful in future even if finally you don't wish to place an order. As for myself, I enjoy reading about Isis the Goddess.



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