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Hello Everyone
My name is Charles A. Heinz. I’m an investigative Journalist / Writer.
Three years ago, I have embarked on an investigative journey to accumulate solid facts and root out the truth regarding witchcraft; it’s authenticity and the people behind it.

My book is called: “E-WITCH SCAMS” and it is about to be published this late November 2002. In this book I expose all those that claim to have some kind of supernatural powers, how they operate, and how they swindle you out of your hard earned money.

My main target was the Internet. I have browsed the web, and spent $40,369 buying spell kits, voodoo dolls, herbs, oils, talismans, powerful spells, potions… you name it and I have bought it. This was for the sole purpose of my book’s research. However I did actually have a love problem and I was using it as the corner stone of my research.

My wife of five years had left me… I have tried several hundreds of love spells, rituals and potions, but to no avail. As I was not surprised nothing worked.

Every witch, spell caster, psychic, spiritual worker that are operating on the Internet had made my scam artist list. Except one, her name is Ms. Aisha Haadi. This woman is truly unbelievable, the only one who actually solved my real problem. Thanks to her my wife and I are back together.

Ms. Aisha Haadi had delivered what she’s promised. I was floored, shocked, amazed to actually prove that witchcraft does work…and that there is this profoundly kind, caring woman, who is spiritually powerful and actually exists. Her sole goal is to help.

In conclusion: Whenever you are in need of any spiritual healing don’t waist your time or money on the love spell casters scam artists that are out there. They will do nothing for you but take your money; I know that for I have lived it. Go directly and at once to this humble and kind woman. She will expedite your requests in a rapid pace.

Ms. Aisha you are truly amazing. God bless you and your family. Please read my Book when it comes out. Your are the only one who is highly praised, the rest of the scum are truly exposed.
Please tell her that Charles A Heinz sent you. I never told her what I was doing for a living.

Please don’t forget to read my book. “E-WITCH-SCAMS”
Charles A. Heinz

Finding True Spell Casters

This is in response to some of you who have spent a lot of money in the past for spells and witchcraft but nothing happened. Before I came across Aisha's website, i was going to order a spell from a spell caster warlock. He was so brief about everything and I was always so scared if I should invest money and my faith in him. Thank God I didn't make this person do the spell for me, otherwise I would've wasted a lot of money for nothing.

God has shown me the path to Aisha and I was lucky enough to bring my first request to her (I never had any other spells done by anyone else before).

Unfortunately, my parents had found out that I had a fascination for Aisha's witchcraft and my mom is very religious. I would have been scared before, but I know that Aisha is doing nothing wrong; she uses white magic so that we can help ourselves.

I guess I would never come to this website if it was filled with black magic and voodoo because by hurting somebody else, you will be hurt in return and it never brings any happiness at the end. I am more confident each day and I completely rely on her and her spells; it has improved my life dramatically.

I do not have the fear that I used to have; my self esteem has gone up and I feel rejuvenated. One of the most important things that Aisha Haadi has said is that 'what goes around comes around' This is so true and I guess she surrounds her spell work with this philosophy and this motto.

I feel I can trust her and she is my friend. By doing such good to others, she receives much love in return which many people in this guestbook will remember her for. Please continue to do the work that you are doing. I only wish I could see you in person.

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