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I ordered an Amun Ra spell. And it has just been started. My situation is love based. Anyway, on the day after the spell was started i was sitting with a spiritual friend of mine. After about half hour she said to me, "I don't know why but I've been told to tell you to look out for the solar energies as they will help me." I was shocked, but understood what was meant. The first positive effects of my spell had shown themselves. I was so excited.

I'm like most of you, impatient and full of fear about losing that special someone for the rest of your life. But finding this site and Aisha Haadi's authentic love spells is the best stroke of destiny ever. You see I believe that fate is predefined but we can control our destiny. Aisha and her daughter Miriam are the most understanding people. They are angels from God. I feel so confident that my wishes will come true. I am now waiting patiently (which is very hard,) for my talisman to arrive. I'll post again once my results start to come. All i can say is stay calm, positive and believe, everything you desire will them happen for you.

God bless you Aisha, my savior.

Make Anyone Fall in Love with you

I am an 20 year old male who is confused about a girl in the department store where I work I like her so much She send me mixed message all the time and I just cant cope with it anymore. I asked you for some help last Monday and now I can see that my wish is starting to come true from the make anyone fall in love with you spell. She is starting to look at me and smiles differently now and I can tell that she is falling in love with me because of the spell. I am plucking up the courage to ask her out soon. I thought maybe this weekend. I have been really astonished in what my part was I thought you were going to do it and I was going to see the results. I am pleased to have had some part in it really and it was so easy and yet spiritual. I want you to know that all the wishes came through these authentic love spells, she stares at me all day long and gets jealous when I have a female customer.

Thank you Aisha for the lovely spells and guidance and words you shared I appreciate it all very much.
I will come back for other spells

The Best Authentic Love Spells

This is the best love spells site in the universe. Aisha is great and her love spells work wonders. I received my results after only 5 days and I am so happy that I can spend the Holiday Season with him.

Aisha you are the greatest, may god and all the spirits bless you. Please reunite many many more couples before the holidays, this is the greatest gift for every heart broken soul and broken heart.
We love you Aisha and we need you....

Thank you for your spell work

I want to express my gratitude for the extensive work you have done over the past week. It was a pleasant feeling a lot of warmth and peace flowed through to me I believe.  I felt immediately calmer when the you cast the authentic love spell and the feeling stayed with me through-out the next couple of weeks. I wish to convey that I have received my results this morning. I was shy to return the talisman to nature and I must tell you I could feel a pulse from it. Or a slow rhythmic juddering. A vibration even, to the extent  I can hold it; and I feel the imprint of the vibration in my hand when I take it out again, as this is my first ever experience doing anything like this I feel the need to record every moment of it. I look forward to the next chapter in this my spell and help work. Dear Aisha thank you indeed.

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