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Aisha Haadi the spell caster is a very well known person in her field of spell casting. The practice of many decades has brought her publicity of the positive and the negative kind. Where on one side are the people who visited her with problems underwent spell casting sessions benefited and became indebted to her for permanently removing problems in their lives. They are full of praise of her as a spell caster and highly recommend to others as well.

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On the other hand there are the competitors and their caucus. The Internet has brought the world closer. Many clients from all over the world patronize spell caters. The increasing popularity of Aisha Haadi as a practicing spell caster online has created a furore among some other spellcasters. Many of them put their heads together to work out a strategic plan to pull her down so their own spiritual practices can prosper. It was the beginning of a malicious campaign through scam blogs were many imaginary clients were cited. They were purposely created to make Aisha Haadi look bad and to ruin her positive name.

The work of any witch or spell caster is based on knowledge, experience, sensitivity towards vibes and intuition and a gift that they possess deep inside. It is only then that a spell caster can react timely to cosmic vibes. It’s an ancient art of primitive races collected in old scriptures. The way the regional scriptures are interpreted imbibed and practiced will depend on the innate psychic make-up of each spell caster. Not everyone can practice the profession on the basis of book knowledge. The most important thing one has to possess is a supernatural gift.This is the utter reason why other spell casters are constantly imitating Aisha, claiming to be Aisha and at the same time bad mouth her whenever they get a chance. So be very careful what you believe.

Some people retorted online that Aisha Haadi is rude and inconsiderate. She is in fact a very shy, caring and genuine person loving mankind with all its flaws. Even when you visit a doctor or a lawyer there are rules and procedures to be followed. You cannot just walk in but have to wait for your turn in the lobby. The spell caster practice entails rules and regulations as well. One of the most important things to keep in mind is not to touch anything at the altar and to never bad-mouth the practitioner. If you do you will be checked sternly. By doing this you are wasting your time and causing inconvenience to the practitioner. All the touched items at the altar will need to be cleansed again before the spell caster can conduct any work. Aisha Haadi is a very truthful and a sincere person. Do not be taken in by motivated malicious campaigns created by fake spell casters such as the world-wide known scam artist Psychic Dena and her love spells scam ring. Aisha has explained this in detail at

Distractions wavers concentrations. There is a circle and direction of rituals to be carried out with concentration so it reaches the cosmic universe. You be admonished if you make interruptions. Is this rudeness of the spell caster or the client’s ignorance? The web-sites that are putting up comments on blogs without checking its authenticity are to be blamed equally. Such websites flourish on mud-slinging and are not to be taken seriously.

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The repeated errors of the clients the false rumours of the competitors have hurt the feelings of Aisha Haadi. The world is big enough to accommodate all spell casters. There is enough work for all. Those in the game of back stabbing real spell caters instead of the fake and scam casters themselves need spritual help to remove negative energy from within them. How can they help their clients when they require help themselves? Aisha Haadi can only pray that God of the universe grants them more rationality to make this world a better place for living.


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