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Spells to reunite with boyfriend after a break-up

I found Aisha Haadi's site on October 12th, two days after my ex-boyfriend broke up with me, and I immediately ordered an Isis Reuniting Spell. When I received the talisman, I was so excited! I could feel an energy from the talisman that ran through my hands to my chest and caused my heart to race. I put the talisman in my wallet, just as the instructions say, but I put it in the coin section. How could I not make the connection that coins are metal, and the fetish cannot touch metal!?!

So I ordered another reunite love spell, and, after reading the guestbook, I also decided to order a Power Ritual Spell for Money. I received my money talisman on November 8th and my love talisman on November 12th. I couldn't feel anything when I held the money talisman, but I felt (and still feel) the same energy from the love talisman that I felt before. I wrapped both talismans in plastic wrap as soon as I received them to protect them from any mishaps (a tip to those of you concerned about destroying the power the talisman) and put them in a different section of my wallet this time!

Results with Reuniting Love Spells

Here is a timeline of my results:

November 8th: First result from money spell - I received a tax refund check for more than $2000 that I thought would be withheld.

November 24th: First result from reunite love spell - my son began asking to see my ex, which was highly unusual considering the fact that he and my ex really didn't like each other very much. There was a lot of tension and jealousy between them and my son didn't want to share me. My son continues to ask about my ex every few days. Today he even said, Since you're giving so much love to me, I want to give love to D (my ex). I can hardly believe it!

December 2nd: While I was at work, my ex called for the first time in almost two months, and left a message saying he "just wanted to touch base" with me and for me to call him when I get a chance. I decided not to call him right away because I had a final exam in two days and I needed to concentrate on studying. I was afraid that talking to him would excite or upset or disappoint me to the point where I couldn't concentrate.

December 3rd: My ex called again. This time we were able to talk for a few minutes. He told me he had called just to see how I'm doing and would talk to me "later".

December 4th: Passed my final exam!
I am really happy to have received the results that I've gotten so far. In the days before my ex called, I was doubting my decision to try to get him back, I was losing hope that the spell would work, and I was beginning to feel skeptical about the whole process. I want so desperately for my ex and I to be together. It felt really good to hear his voice again. When we broke up, I was devastated and went through many of the same emotions some of you may be experiencing, depression, despair, lack of appetite, et cetera. I loved (and still love) my ex like I have never loved any man before, and when we broke up, I thought that there was no chance we would ever be together again because he was so convinced that we shouldn't be dating, much less married. Now the only things I feel are hope and intense love and, even more than before, I can't wait to have my ex back in my life. To those of you who are waiting for your results or considering ordering a spell, you can see from what I have written that AISHA'S SPELLS WORK! Not only is the love of my life slowly coming back to me, but my luck has changed for the better too. Have hope, have faith, and find something to keep you busy when you start to obsess about your results. Once you order a spell, you will get what you want. It's only a matter of time. Thanks to every one who wrote reviews in the guestbook. Your reviews gave me hope on my worst days. Thank you, Aisha Haadi, for providing this service. Your powers are truly amazing. I will post later when I receive my final results. Much love to all


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